about the artist


Features include: Women and Their Work, Indiewalls, Skyline Art Prints, Solstice Gallery, EAST Austin Studio Tour, UP Collective, SXSW Gallery Show, donation work for Friends Foundation, commissioned work for private collectors, and more.

Coming from a long tradition of women’s crafts, I was taught needlework and quilting at an early age. These crafts generally work from grids, and use optical blending to create images. While translating some photos I had taken into a pixelated grid for a project, I started to develop the style of acrylic painting I currently practice.


I marvel at how many colors really inhabit our everyday world: the natural landscape, in particular. I like to explore color within color, reflected light and hues, and how our eye blends various colors to make one. Shadow and light are also very compelling. My paintings reflect the beauty I see in the natural world.
Getting up close to things opens up another landscape, which we often do not take the time to really see.


I am a native Texan working in Austin, with a focus on botanical and landscape artwork.